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On July 23, Sinoma (Suzhou) Construction Co., Ltd. and China Africa Building Material NIG SA signed EPC Contract of 3000t/d Clinker Cement Production Line in Niger. The signing ceremony was held in Kunshan, Jiangsu province, China. Mr. Ru Changyu, Chairman of China Africa Building Material NIG SA, Mr. Lin Zhong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Sinoma(Suzhou), the leadership team of Sinoma(Suzhou) in Kunshan and relevant personnel from both parties attended the signing ceremony.China Africa Building Material NIG SA 3000t/d Clinker Cement Production Line project is located in Keita, Tahoua, Niger. The scope of the Contract covers engineering design, equipment and material procurement, equipment supervision and transportation, construction works, installation wo...
发布时间: 2021 - 07 - 26
On November 6, 2019, the inaugural meeting of Kurdistan Branch of Chinese Companies Chamber of Commerce was held in the  Consulate General of China in Erbil, Iraq. Sinoma (Suzhou) Construction Co., Ltd. was elected as the first President Company of the association through election. Mr. Li Qingsheng, the Commissioner of Economic Affairs Division, presided over the meeting. Consul General Mr. Ni Ruchi presents the meeting and gives congratulations to the establishment of the association. He emphasizes that the association is established at the right time, which not only promotes the de...
发布时间: 2019 - 11 - 13
On the morning of November 1st, 2019,Sinoma Ethiopia O&M Department arranged the staff visited Mokoda Primary School (which located three kilometers from the project site) and use their skills to repair desks and chairs for the school. This action is warmly welcomed and given gratitude by their students. This school is founded in 1985 and currently has 2386 students and 42 staff. The number of local students is growing rapidly, and the number of desks is scarce and in disrepair which is unable to meet the needs of daily teaching. This action is a microcosm of the Ethiopia Branch’s eff...
发布时间: 2019 - 11 - 12
On September 5, the fourth China-Arab States Expo was held in Yinchuan. Shen Jun, vice president of Sinoma International, chairman and secretary of the party committee of Sinoma International (Nanjing), was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the China-Arab States Expo. During the Expo, Mr. Shen Jun signs the global strategic cooperation agreement with Mr. Firas, the representative of MASS Group Company. Chairman Shen Jun makes a statement as the representative of the contract signatories attending the ceremony. He reviews the long-term cooperation between two companies for more than ten...
发布时间: 2019 - 09 - 11
Sinoma (Suzhou) Construction Co.,Ltd. signed the contract of Tongchuan Yaobai Cement Clinker Capacity Replacement project with Yaobai group on Dec. 26,2018. Deputy head of Yaozhou district Feng Baohua witnessed the contract signing ceremony; President of the board of Western Cement and the Chairman of Yaobai Group Zhang Jiming, Yaobai Group CEO Ma Weiping, Vice Chairman Zhang Jiangang, Vice Chairman Bi Xiangliang, Vice CEO Wang Rui, Vice CEO Wang Fayin; Chairman of Sinoma International (Nanjing) and Secretary of the Party Committee Shen Jun, General Manager Yin Zhisong, Vice General Mange...
发布时间: 2019 - 01 - 04
On December 27, 2018, Iraq SAMAN 5300 t / d clinker cement production line project, which is undertaken by Sinoma (Suzhou) Construction Co., Ltd. as the EPC contractor, meets the requirements of the contract and obtains the PAC certificate issued by the owner and the supervisors. Since the beginning of the project, under the care and support from the company's leaders and the cooperation of various departments, this project has successfully completed all the tasks by the organization and management of the project management team and the concerted efforts of all the labor teams partici...
发布时间: 2018 - 12 - 29
On Dec.1st, Sinoma International Tanzania branch moved into CNBM Tanzania Distribution Center, marking the localization development of branches has taken a solid step forward.CNBM Tanzania Distribution Center, jointly invested by Beijing New Material Group, a subsidiary of CNBM and Sinoma International(Nanjing), which is responsible for the construction. The project construction started in Decemeber, 2017, with the cooperation of domestic and foreign departments, it took only 6 months to put the project storage area into production and operation thus creat benefits, and all the ancillary produ...
发布时间: 2018 - 12 - 14
From 0:00 to 3:27 on November 13, 2018, when 1317 tons of kiln feeding volume is completed, the annual clinker production target of 1.67million tons for Iraqi GCC project is successfully achieved, one and a half months ahead of schedule. In addition, during the 2018 production period, the project has achieved the continuous operation of the rotary kiln for 83 days since the beginning of the operation and maintenance.Since 2018, the GCC project department, with the support of the company's leaders and with the close cooperation of various departments of the company and Sinoma Industry and T...
发布时间: 2018 - 11 - 28
Recently, with the spirit of the contribution to the project district and the friendly relationship with the local people, Sinoma (Ethiopia) Dangote O&M project division supplied the drinking water for the residents and donated the school supplies for teachers and students. The water supply system in Mugher where the project locates is not stable and can’t meet the needs of the whole town population almost 10,000 people. In order to solve this problem, the water tank driven from the project site was moving slowly into the streets and alleyways, parked near villagers’ doorway on May 9....
发布时间: 2018 - 05 - 24
On April 19, 2018, Sinoma International (Nanjing) obtained the Provisional Acceptance Certificate for the EPC project of Vietnam Thanh Thang 6000t/d clinker cement production line II project while all various indexes of the supporting 7MW waste heat power generation has achieved as the contract requirement.  From the beginning of this project, under the leadership of the company and the cooperation of all departments, all construction works has completed as the schedule milestones on the efforts made by project management team and construction personnel who has overcome the disadvantages ...
发布时间: 2018 - 04 - 24
Recently, Vietnam VISSAI Song Lam Project(Line 1) 2×6000 t/d clinker production line together with 2×7MW waste heat power plant and also 2,000,000t/y cement grinding station project contracted by Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd was issued FAC by the Owner. Since 2005, Sinoma has built brotherhood friendship with Vietnam VISSAI Group. During the execution of Song Lam Line I project, through mutual trust and sincere cooperation of both parties, clinker production line and grinding station construction has gone smoothly and are completed ahead of contractual work period. Produ...
发布时间: 2018 - 02 - 03
On 11:00AM, Jan.25th, 2018 of Iraq local time, SAMAN 5000t/d clinker production line constructed by Sinoma(Suzhou) was successfully ignited.The project site locates at Muthanna at south part of Iraq, which is the first production line that Sinoma(Suzhou) undertaken in south of Iraq. Despite of extreme weather such as high temperature and sand storm etc., Sinoma staff at site showed the spirit of fearing neither hardship nor tiredness and finally satisfies the Owner and successful ignition obtained high recognition and praises from the investors, local government and local people, which laid so...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 30
Recently, Vietnam Long Son 7MW waste heat power plant fit for Line I 6000t/d  clinker cement production line contracted by Sinoma International (Nanjing) successfully obtained  final acceptance certificate (FAC) issued by the Owner, symbolizing overall handover to the Owner of  Long Son Line I 6000t/d clinker cement production line.Long Son Line 1 project commenced on June, 21st, 2015 with contractual work period of 18 months for clinker output, while it was ignited and put into production on Oct. 8th, 2016, which was two months ahead of time. Since its operation, the stable per...
发布时间: 2018 - 01 - 17
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