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Song Zhiping Met Lafarge Holcim Group’s CEO Eric Olsen and His Party

Date: 2017-05-23
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On March 19, Song Zhiping, chairman of China National Building Material Group (CNBM Group) met Lafarge Holcim Group’s CEO Eric Olsen and his party in CNBM Group’s headquarters. They had in-depth discussions and exchanges about the global cement industry development situation, the future development trend of China’s cement industry, the measures taken by the cement industry for the supply-side structural reform, and other issues.

Mr. Olsen said, the reorganization of China National Building Material Group and Sinoma Group had exerted an important influence in the global building materials industry, and Lafarge Group sincerely hope to establish a comprehensive, win-win and friendly cooperation relationship with CNBM Group. He shared his experience in the successful reorganization of Lafarge Group and Holcim Group, pointing out that despite the difficult starting of the reorganization of the two groups, the merger brought beyond-expectation results through concerted efforts In the future, Holcim Group and CNBM Group would surely find appropriate approaches to achieving good strategic cooperation.

Song Zhiping remarked, both the former CNBM Group and Sinoma Group had profound cooperation with Holcim Group, and the merger of Lafarge Group and Holcim Group would be a good reference for the merger of CNBM Group and Sinoma Group.CNBM Group is committed to becoming a world-class integrated building materials industry group, and cultural integration and seamless connection had been quickly achieved after the establishment of the new group. Song said, CNBM Group advocates the “inclusive” culture, and he hoped that CNBM Group and Holcim Group would work together to promote the healthy development of the global cement market and the Chinese cement market. Song hoped the two groups would carry out more win-win cooperation in “One Belt, One Road”, joint tapping into the third-party market, innovative development, technological progress and other areas, as they have respective advantages in business management, international marketing, technology, scientific research and project construction.


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