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GCC project completed the 2018 production task ahead of schedule

Date: 2018-11-28
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From 0:00 to 3:27 on November 13, 2018, when 1317 tons of kiln feeding volume is completed, the annual clinker production target of 1.67million tons for Iraqi GCC project is successfully achieved, one and a half months ahead of schedule. In addition, during the 2018 production period, the project has achieved the continuous operation of the rotary kiln for 83 days since the beginning of the operation and maintenance.

Since 2018, the GCC project department, with the support of the company's leaders and with the close cooperation of various departments of the company and Sinoma Industry and Trade (Iraq) Co., Ltd., has taken the completion of the annual production tasks as the goal and the stability of production as the principle, and strengthened innovation and the scientific management of the firing system.

Efforts are mainly made on six parts. First, scientifically work out the ratio of raw meal and clinker, insist on the correct operation method, and determine the control indexes for each ratio suitable for the rotary kiln operation in this project to stabilize production.

Second, according to the technological design ability, basing on scientific, practical and realistic principles and centering on the safe and stable operation of the equipment, not blindly increase the output and avoid the damage caused by equipment overload operation leading to the increased maintenance costs;

Thirdly, carry out the regular process inspection, especially on the processes with impact on output, quality and equipment operation rate through a special discussion to put forward a improved plan. In this year, optimization and improvement are executed for 20 items on the process line.

Fourthly, control the details. According to the cause analysis of failure shutdown during production, make the effective preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents, improve the running rate of equipment; at the same time, adopt process concatenation to avoid the idle running of equipment and reduce power consumption. Achieve a win-win situation and gain the Owner's high praise.

Fifthly, carry out skills training for CCR operators. Find out fault cases in the same industry for important parameters in production to prevent the occurrence of major accidental shutdown.

Sixthly, carefully organize, scientifically arrange equipment inspection and ensure equipment operation rate.

In the future, GCC Operation and Maintenance Department is going to keep “innovation” as guide and "responsibility" as its own duty, and to strengthen the team development and scientific management. We will continue our hard-working for the business of Operation and Maintenance and create a brighter future.

GCC project completed the 2018 production task ahead of schedule

GCC project completed the 2018 production task ahead of schedule

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