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State Councilor Wang Yong Visits and Surveys CNBM’s Zambia Industrial Park

Date: 2017-06-09
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On June 7, 2017 (Lusaka Time), State Councilor Wang Yong visited and surveyed CNBM’s Zambia Industrial Park in the company of Huang Shuxian (Minister of Civil Affairs), Zhang Ming (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Wang Wenbin (Deputy Director of SASAC).

Wang and his party visited the site of CNBM’s Zambia Industrial Park, which was built with investment of Sinoma Cement Co., Ltd., and learnt the progress of the 1 million tons/a clinker cement line project under construction, the operation of the commercial concrete pant in service and the progress of the preparatory baked brick project, in detail. Song Zhiping (President of CNBM) introduced CNBM’s internationalization strategy, the background of site selection for the park, details of project implementation and the direction of planning. Song said that the park will persistently innovate “going-out” modes, optimize integrated resources, plan social responsibilities as a whole, and keep to the path of green development, thereby making contributions to the Sino-Zambian friendship.

Agreeing with the planning concept of the park, Wang highly praised the implementation of the project, and expressed solicitude and thanks to all the members of the project department for their hard work.

During the visit, Wang cordially communicated with some members of the project department and remarked that the B & R Initiative is a national-level strategy, and central SOEs are national brands, so the park should be built as a template of Chinese project through reasonable layout, long-term cultivation and deepened, win-win cooperation; economic, political and social responsibilities should be planned as a whole, the path of green development should be kept to as before, and efforts should be made for integration into local society, so as to promote the economic development and people’s wellbeing improving in Zambia and reflect Chinese-style quality, efficiency, level and positive energy.

In addition, Wang and his party visited NACHTETE Primary School, which was built with investment of Sinoma Mpande, and expressed greetings and wishes to the children being attending class.

Yang Youming (China’s Ambassador to Zambia), Wei Feng (GM Assistant of CNBM), Sui Yumin (Vice President of Sinoma, President of Sinoma Cement), Tong Laigou (President of CBMI) and Zhang Yuanci (President of Sinoma Mpande) also took part in thevisit.

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